Volunteer Program


N Lieu Date Nature
1 AGOU – ABAYEME Reforestation
2 AGOU – KLONOU Reforestation
3 AGOU – NYOGBO Tutoring
4 AGOU – GARE School support + children’s activities

Location Descriptions

1 – Agou – Abayeme

Located 3km east of the city Agou – Gare, Abayeme is a small village whose population is estimated at 1,300 inhabitants. Surrounded by a beautiful vegetation and a hill chain, Abayeme responds to an African village model that you will adore. It has a primary school, the main activity is agriculture for men and women of small food businesses.

It is therefore in a festive jubilant that the population awaits you for reforestation activities.

2 – Agou – Klonou

Surrounded by green vegetation, Klonou is a village located 4km west of Agou – Gare. It should be noted that Klonou is an autonomous village in the prefecture.

The population is estimated at 4700 inhabitants, and its majority farmers, artisans, and traders. The village has an extension, two primary schools and a college.

This village is renowned for its hospitality and its cultural diversity and giving you a warm welcome. It is in this environment that volunteers will work with the population on reforestation activities.

3 – Nyogbo

Nyogbo is one of the villages of Agou prefecture. This village is 5km north-west of the city of AGOGRAGUE, head of the prefecture.The population is estimated at 4500 inhabitants.

Existing infrastructure includes:

  • Four primary schools
  • A general education college
  • A large hospital
  • An electric extension
  • Running water.

Nyogbo is home to its east is Mount Agou or Pic D’Agou. The main activity of this community is agriculture, livestock and small food businesses. The village is presently its the reign of Togbui Pebi II canton chief. Therefore this village will welcome the volunteers who have passed three week tutoring classes for children from primary school to college.

4 – Agou – Station

Located at about 105km from Lome, the capital of Togo, the city of AGOU-GARE is on the N2 Lome national road at Kpalime AGOU – GARE is the capital of Agou prefecture. The population is estimated at 10,000 inhabitants. This city has the following infrastructures:

  • Prefecture
  • The police commissariat
  • A hospital
  • An official high school and a private high school
  • Two colleges, three primary schools
  • A great walk that comes alive every Friday

The dominant activity is trade, agriculture and livestock.

It is this cadre who will receive the volunteers who will have to give classes to elementary school students at the college and will also do activities of children’s entertainment for three weeks.