VIADUC Foundation are International Volunteers for Development Assistance and the unity of communities.

We are aware of the problems of education for the development and promotion of young people and the need to find appropriate solutions together through a community life.

Anxious to preserve and protect the environment, VIADUC aims to contribute the growth of man in his environment by promoting sustainable development.

We young people from all backgrounds, decided to create an association in accordance with the law of 1 July 1901 and governed by statutes which reads as follows:


VIADUC aims to contribute to the development of man in his community by promoting sustainable development.

Viaduc Foundation

In order to achieve its goal, VIADUC-TOGO sets itself the following objectives:

  • Promote local initiatives for environmental protection
  • Popularize the new information and communication technologies (NICT)
  • Fight for the protection of the right of the child and its development
  • Fight against illiteracy
  • Promote first aid to rural populations.
  • Promote community development and youth development for an ideal world.
  • To serve as a frame of reference and advice to the civilian population under the management of natural resources.
  • Promote national and international volunteering.
  • Develop educational projects and children’s leisure.
  • Promote cooperation, tourism and international solidarity.
  • Encourage private initiatives in the informal sector representing 2/3 of the population through micro-financing.
  • Encourage agriculture, crafts and priority activities in our areas.


To achieve its objectives, VIADUC-TOGO intends to use the following means:

  • Organization of reforestation campaigns and creation of nurseries of seedlings, organization of literacy seminars, holiday courses and literary exhibitions, introductions of young people to craft techniques.
  • Organization of voluntary youth meetings for the implementation of micro development project.
  • Construction of public latrines, schools, libraries, cyber cafés and training centers.
  • Destruction of anarchic dumps (confirm meaning)