A camp site (workshop) is a place where people gather for a given time to realize a project. It is international when it brings together a plurality of nationalities who are called upon to refer to each other, and to change their culture, and to complement each other in a strong atmosphere during the period of the mission.

Who Can Participate?

Any adult especially animated by a sense of volunteerism. Anyone wishing to provide voluntary contribution for the development of rural communities and be enriched by a new experience.

Our conditions are simple, and are necessary conditions for a healthy and cheerful social life. To go to a VIADUC camp site you must:

  • Be 18 years old.
  • To be voluntary in the broad sense.
  • To love one’s neighbor without discrimination of nationality, sex or religion.
  • Make a commitment to respect the traditional structures, the rules and the taboos of the environments where the building sites unfold.
  • To be insured (Repatriation Insurance).
  • For expatriates: be in good standing in Togolese territory (Visa, vaccines, etc.).

NB: VIADUC informs the prefectural authorities and the security agents before the arrival of the volunteers to allow them a pleasant stay. In addition each site is supervised by a facilitator who has received training in managing a group. (what does “NB” stand for?)

Participation Fees

The participation fee is to be paid in one installment to the VIADUC – Togo office’s AGOU Station when you arrive.

These fees amount to  €170 or 111,000 F CFA francs.

The participation fee includes:

  • a night of accommodation in Lome when you arrive
  • transportation from Lome to AGOU – Gare
  • accommodation for 21 days
  • food for 21 days
  • the purchase of materials necessary for carrying out certain works
  • transportation during the excursion
  • the remuneration of the guides during the excursion
  • management fees of VIADUC – Togo

The participation fee does not include:

  • plane tickets
  • personal expenses (purchases of souvenirs and others)
  • travel in addition to those planned during the tour – any hospital costs (need to have repatriation insurance).